supporting the darker side of your performance


We are working like little elves getting all the magic arranged for this year’s panto at the Venue theatre.

This year we are going on an adventure with Dick Whittington and his cat Tommy chasing after all the rats.

Work on creating the plans for this year started in February and a snapshot is below.

More details will be coming to the website so watch this space.

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The pyrotechnics going off at the end of the final show 3 weeks and 16 performances later.

Thanks to everyone who assisted.

Next year we are off to see the Wizard, I had better go and feed the flying monkeys…..


A quick Crew selfie before we head to our places to start the next performance.

The DSM is in charge of the camera, but as always some of us are just moving too fast!


The traditional Cast and Crew trip to the local Indian after one of the shows.

The restaurant stayed open late for us as we arrived around 10pm and were ready to eat.


New screens and switching unit are installed into the DSM desk.

We can now see everything that is happening on stage in HD, instead of squinting.


After many years running a wireless show relay system, there is now a brand new shiny wired system.

Members of the HIPPOFROG Productions Crew have purchased and installed this at Stantonbury Theatre for use on a semi-permanent loan basis.

No more ‘we can’t hear what’s happening’!

It is an 8 zone system, this means we can make individual calls to dressing rooms as well as calls to all rooms.  There’s no escape!


The Crew won’t function without this important flight case.

For those who don’t know, this is the Kitchen case and is the most important case that travels with the Crew.  It even includes a kitchen sink (well, bowls anyway!)

It is one of the first cases to be unloaded so that the urn can be set up and boiling.


The Panto pyrotechnics have arrived!

12 pyrotechnics plus 2 confetti cannons per performance.  That’s a lot of fizz and bang!


Panto planning in full swing.

The reconfiguration of the flown truss to incorporate another tab track for all of the cloths in this year’s show.


The team plotting the lighting for Arts1 Seussical Show.

There were illuminated pink clouds in this plot!