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It’s opening night!

All of the planning and sleepless nights appear to have been worth it.

The get-in, Tech and Dress Rehearsals all went well and opening night is here.

Break legs everyone.

Here is a peak of some of the get-in. For some reason, everything looks rather green!

Well, today was the day we started to get in to the theatre and the snow was nice to us.

A team of willing volunteers arrived to empty several truckloads of lighting and scenery to create Oz.

As the Venue is a theatre that has flying, a different routine to previous pantos took place. The plus side was that everything that needs to be up above the stage can be rigged at a sensible height and then flown out.

It also meant that we didn’t have to spend most of the day rigging truss and motors for everything to hang from.

There are lots of learnings to take away, but we’re looking good for the rest of the pre-show set up.

A Crew marches on it’s stomach so it was important for the table to be fixed for lunch. Mac did a great job in sorting out the wobble! (Photo by Martin)

In just a few weeks it will be the get-in at the Theatre.

This is when all of the months of planning will hopefully come to fruition.

The team on the stage are heading towards their final rehearsals and the team behind the scenes are about to head into the unknown.

Will it all come together?

Watch this space…

Panto rehearsals are underway and it’s a really nice group to work with.

As well as the plans, we are also co-ordinating the backstage helpers for both Crew and Child Protection requirements.

It takes a lot of people behind the scenes to make a show like this happen and we are all volunteers.

Work has also started on constructing a piece of scenery (we can’t reveal anymore until the show is over).

The team have been working on MKTOC’s production of Blackadder Goes Forth this week.

This has involved building and moving rather large trucks.

Well done everyone!

We usually go fairly quiet over the summer break and things start to ramp up again in September.

Panto rehearsals begin and things start to get a bit hectic in the run up to Christmas.

Work on creating the plans is in progress and a snapshot is below.

Due to the change in venue for Panto this year, a new set of plans needs to be drawn.

This involved using the architect blue prints and a lot of time with a laser measure and notepad taking additional measurements.

It allows a set of scale plans to be produced that is the ‘Master’ document for the various departments.

Yes, we we even measured the seats! 

Watch this space for the results…

…on the Way to the Forum.

This week we were helping the Open Theatre Group stage this production.

Puppets-a-plenty this week as the team have been working on Company MK’s production of Avenue Q.

Does anyone know what the internet is used for?

Due to a change in the storage arrangements, we’ve had to move a lot of our kit.

This involved members of Crew and a weekend of hard work transferring everything to the new store.

Picture by Tony