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This weekend was the start of our Panto get-in.

4T of rigging and LX were delivered to the Theatre, and 5 hours later the team had the additional infrastructure rigged and in the roof.

The above stage LX was also cabled and sparked in readiness for the next part of the get-in, when the set arrives.

This is a picture from the fly floor looking down on the stage.

Rehearsals for Panto are underway, with Mr HIPPOFROG attending 3 times a week.

The floor is being marked out in the rehearsal space, using the plans put together earlier.

Based on what we have discovered during the rehearsal process so far, there have been a few updates to the plans.

In the background, we are carrying out a thorough check on our kit as most of it hasn’t been touched for almost two years.

We are also gathering availability for Rig and Show Crew. Like those performing, we will need some stand-by Crew members who can step in at short notice if needed. If you are 18+ and interested in lending a hand as a member of Crew, then please get in touch.


Hello from HIPPOFROG Productions. It’s been a while…

After the enforced break, we’re now finally back.

We’ve dusted off the plans and are currently in rehearsal with MKAOS for this year’s Panto, Cinderella.

MKAOS Cinderella

Given the current situation, there are, as you can imagine, a whole new set of procedures and requirements in place, to ensure everyone stays safe and well.

We’ll be sharing more updates as we get closer to the show.

Make sure you have your tickets for the ball.

As the shows are over, we can now share a few behind the scenes photos.

Below is the DSM’s workspace, the glowing blocks on the left are the radio mic receivers. This is just after the half has been called.

If you came to see us, did you spot the rabbit?

And we are up and running

The next photo shows the kitchen stove piece of the set.

All the paperwork you can see is the plans of where everything goes. These are used by the crew to remind ourselves in the early days where everything went, and in which order.

And we are up and running

View of the fly floor, including the haze on the closest flight case and the fan to send it towards the stage. Two fly people were needed during the show for certain changes.

And we are up and running

We have started using Sparkular units for the effects in the show as they are more controllable and safer than the true pyrotechnics. This year we only used the four.

And we are up and running

Yesterday, it was our final two shows of Sleeping Beauty.

Goodnight Sleeping Beauty

Today, we’re finishing the get-out and putting all the magic away for another year.

If you want to see what happens behind the scenes, pop back in a few days when we’ll be sharing some of the secrets.

A Stage Management meeting isn’t complete without biscuits!

Panto Stage Management planning underway

Here, the team are working through the plans and script to make sure they’ve got everything covered.

A huge sigh of relief as the real set looks like the model.

Here’s the arch with the illuminated CHICAGO sign.

Roxy and gang causing trouble in the cell block.

Chicago opens

Our next show is Company MK’s production of Chicago

Mr HIPPOFROG has been designing the set in conjunction with the Directors.

Here’s the virtual model.

Planning for Chicago

Check back soon to see if it looks like this.

It’s time to say goodbye to the main stage and smaller radio stage next door.

MISSION Completed

We enjoyed being crew for Scouting for Girls on the Friday night.

MISSION Completed

De-rig to go…