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Monthly Archives: June 2022

This is the most complex show we have undertaken in a LONG time.

Cast, Orchestra and our largest Crew to date were needed to make this happen. The sound set-up was extensive with radio mics for everyone, plus the orchestra needing mixing in as well.

An added complication of Mr HIPPOFROG testing positive for COVID in the run up to the get-in didn’t help matters.

This show had been put on hold due to the pandemic and sadly he had to miss his equivalent of opening night (the first get-in day) after planning for several years. Luckily his extensive planning paid off and the Crew were able to work their magic, including painting the stage floor swamp green!

As some of the Cast had also tested positive, including Shrek and Fiona, we organised for them to attend the sitzprobe over ZOOM, therefore providing a safe environment for the rest of the company.

All were welcomed back at the end of their quarantine and the 5 performances went ahead as scheduled with no further cases.