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Monthly Archives: January 2020

As the shows are over, we can now share a few behind the scenes photos.

Below is the DSM’s workspace, the glowing blocks on the left are the radio mic receivers. This is just after the half has been called.

If you came to see us, did you spot the rabbit?

And we are up and running

The next photo shows the kitchen stove piece of the set.

All the paperwork you can see is the plans of where everything goes. These are used by the crew to remind ourselves in the early days where everything went, and in which order.

And we are up and running

View of the fly floor, including the haze on the closest flight case and the fan to send it towards the stage. Two fly people were needed during the show for certain changes.

And we are up and running

We have started using Sparkular units for the effects in the show as they are more controllable and safer than the true pyrotechnics. This year we only used the four.

And we are up and running

Yesterday, it was our final two shows of Sleeping Beauty.

Goodnight Sleeping Beauty

Today, we’re finishing the get-out and putting all the magic away for another year.

If you want to see what happens behind the scenes, pop back in a few days when we’ll be sharing some of the secrets.