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Monthly Archives: November 2016

After many years running a wireless show relay system, there is now a brand new shiny wired system.

Members of the HIPPOFROG Productions Crew have purchased and installed this at Stantonbury Theatre for use on a semi-permanent loan basis.

No more ‘we can’t hear what’s happening’!

It is an 8 zone system, this means we can make individual calls to dressing rooms as well as calls to all rooms.  There’s no escape!


The Crew won’t function without this important flight case.

For those who don’t know, this is the Kitchen case and is the most important case that travels with the Crew.  It even includes a kitchen sink (well, bowls anyway!)

It is one of the first cases to be unloaded so that the urn can be set up and boiling.


The Panto pyrotechnics have arrived!

12 pyrotechnics plus 2 confetti cannons per performance.  That’s a lot of fizz and bang!