supporting the darker side of your performance

About HIPPOFROG Productions

HIPPOFROG PRODUCTIONS was formed by Steve (who likes HIPPOS) and his wife Karen (who is mad about FROGS) in 2005 as a banner for all of the different behind the scenes stage work they undertake when they aren’t at their day jobs.

We work with various groups on a broad range of shows in our spare time and have a team of people who work alongside us. Together, this wide range of skills, knowledge and experience allows us to support the darker side of your performance by providing a complete technical and stage management solution to your production or parts thereof.

As well as ensuring that crew members are able to learn new skills, we are keen that this knowledge is passed onto others and are happy to welcome new members to the team.

HIPPOFROG PRODUCTIONS are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, therefore, the majority of productions we are involved with take place at Theatres and other venues in this area.